Increase Value of Your Property with Professional Photography

If you have been in the real estate business long, you know the importance of appearance when it comes to selling a home. Not only does the architecture of the home need to be pleasing, but the interior must also be designed well, even if the buyer of the home does not get to keep a single piece of furniture. In fact, as you give tours of the home, you must look professional yourself if the prospective buyer is to give you their business. A home is a huge purchase, and the employment of real estate photography can really make a difference in the eye of the potential buyer.


Buyers go to the Internet for Property Listings

Around 92% of potential buyers first turn to the internet for property listings when looking for property. The nature of photos used in the property listings will dictate whether or not they will take interest in your property. The only way to ensure that you captivate their attention is by using high-quality HD photos. These photos will impel the potential buyers to continue looking and browsing through other photos of your property. Poor and unprofessional photos, on the other hand, will scare them away and they will go looking elsewhere.

FACTS of Professional Photography


Sell 32% Quicker with Professional Photography


83% of Buyers Find Professional Photography Bloody Important


Greatly Increase Property Listing Views by 118%

For many realtors/agents, the arrival of digital cameras and computer imaging software have solved a number of difficulties involved with getting photos of listings on the Internet in a timely manner. However, the state-of-the-art software cannot make up for the knowledge of someone who has made it their profession to create photographs that show off a home to its full potential from a buyers’ point of view (POV). There are tips and tricks of taking pictures that a professional has that will give your home the polished look it needs to shine in the listing. This will all go to show the buyer that the listing is worth buying. Below are reasons why professional photography by a professional real estate photographer is bound to land you a quick first date with your potential buyers.

First, professional real estate photographers have knowledge and experience of how to take good pictures. They know what angles will make a small room look larger than it really is. They know approaches that will focus on the positive features of the home. They know how to manipulate lights and shadows so that the room looks neither too dark nor too bright.

View Professional Photography as an Investment on Your Property, Wall Street Journal Analysed that On Average Professional Photography Adds Anywhere Between $934 to Astounding $119 976 to Value of Your Property When it Comes to Sale of the Property!

Professional photographers have professional equipment that has all the bells and whistles. Including sturdy tripods, allowing for multiple photos in rapid succession with no movement or blurred photos. They have intricate focusing capabilities on their camera(s) that makes pictures look like a window that the buyer is looking through. Photographers have various different lighting equipment that can make up for an ultra-bright day and/or broken interior lighting. This is just part of the equipment that is needed – the kind of equipment that produces photos that make an average home look welcoming and homely enough to the extent that the potential buyer wants to investigate in person.

This isn’t just some selfie on Instagram, this is photography that can completely change the perceived value of your property, allowing you to sell the property for greater value than just some iPhone snapshot!

Staging is another aspect of home selling that a professional photographer can help you with. Many real estate photographers have a fine idea of what a room needs and doesn’t need to make photos look their best. While you or the seller might have already decluttered and rearranged the remaining furniture in the room, sometimes a photographer can suggest accents that round out the appearance of the home. If you can stage your home to look good in photos, it will look good when people come for a walk through. Remember no matter who the photographer is, the house isn’t going to be appealing or welcoming to buyers if there are major holes in walls, destroyed furniture, clothing and rubbish everywhere, and so on.

Everyone these days have a camera on hand, via their Smart Phone. However, the gear doesn’t make the photographer, it just helps the process, Professional Photographer will always provide the ‘WOW’ factor with no matter the gear!

Photos with a professional flair say to the buyer, “I care about this listing.” When you show that you care about a home’s appearance on the listing, you are showing the buyer that it is worth what your seller is charging. Too many home sales are compromised by the lack of good pictures that show that the agent and seller are serious about selling the home. Blurry pictures, pictures showing inappropriate items, pictures showing clutter and pictures that don’t show the buyer why this is a great buy work against selling for the optimum price.

By using a professional real estate photography, you are making sure that you have the best photos possible of the home you are trying to sell. Clear, crisp photographs that highlight the home’s selling features give buyers a good idea of what the home is like and why they might want to buy it. Good pictures also show that the people involved in selling the home believe it worth the price.


Property is a formidable asset whether it is a home or part of a property investment portfolio. In marketing a property to its full potential using photography, composition and good lighting go a long way to enhance the selling power by attracting more viewers, which in turn can increase value, biddings, and ultimately selling opportunities. If you are serious about getting people onsite to look at the home by using video, using professional photography is an expenditure that is sure to bring you a good return on investment and one to be considered when putting a property up for sale in the current market. If you’re looking for a Photographer that will go above and beyond for your property in Brisbane, contact Virtual Lens today!