These days, if you want to make a quick house sale, you cannot just count on your good old local paper, a for sale sign on your front yard, and good word of mouth. A savvy, experienced real estate agent should know that. Just as so many things have changed and have been changed by technology, so has the way the real estate market works. And if you want to sell your house fast, you’d have to ride the wave. We are living in an era where using the internet to sell homes is the trend. Home buyers are getting “younger” and the numbers who are not online are dwindling to almost zero.

This new generation of online homebuyers has higher expectations than buyers did just a few years ago. That’s because technology has advanced and so the internet surfer expects the search engine experience to advance as well.  One way you can easily meet these expectations of a great online experience is by creative uses of advanced digital imagery. A picture is worth a thousand words, but advanced digital imagery can be worth a thousand single digital photographs.

 In order to give your property listings a competitive edge in this over-competitive market and become a big player in the fierce game of property marketing, you need to utilize everything there is – the whole marketing package.

3D Virtual Tours

The first thing to think about is a virtual tour. Online tours have been around for years, but are you using them to maximum advantage on your website? Did you know that most buyers will only visit a home after viewing numerous photographs and virtual tours? Virtual tours can let people visit your home from theirs or their workplace or home. They can take a full look around and get a general feel of how your house looks like. With the possibility of 360-degree views, it’s one of the most useful tools that one can promote their house with. 

Are you allowing the home buyer to sit in their current homes and picture every nook and cranny of their future home through the virtual tours on your website? If you choose the right images combined with great graphics your visitors will love your website and want to return. In fact, statistics have it that many properties are sold fast thanks to high-quality virtual tours. 

Real Estate Photography

 Photographs are very important as they give the first impression of your property. As such, you should only use professional photographs. So many people make the mistake of going DIY and snapping photos that are dark, dull, and uninspiring. A photograph can really make or break your sale, so you need to make sure that it is exquisite.

The best option is to hire a professional photographer if you want to get the job done right. While you can easily snap a few decent short with an inexpensive camera, a professional photographer will be able to showcase your home in all its glory from the start. 

Drone Photography

In the real estate business, aerial videos and photographs can help you show prospective buyers an unparalleled view of the properties you are selling. This is because of the unique perspective offered by these videos and photographs. 

Buyers can have a clear idea of the shape, size, and layout of the property which would otherwise be difficult or impossible to do with conventional shots. Drone photography and videos is a great way to show potential guests the amenities and features of within and around the property. You can post videos or photos on your listings so that potential buyers can have a greater appreciation of your property. 

Floor Plans & Site Plans

To effectively market your property, you need to include interactive, premium floor plans on your listings. Interactive floor plans are effective because they enable the buyers to see view the entire property at a single glance; this means they can see all the rooms layout and their size, the windows and door locations and they can also zoom in to view the features in their various points of interests in the house. Floor plans are conveniently detail-oriented. 


With the advent of online video sharing services such as YouTube, you can film and publish a professionally edited video walkthrough through your home. Any serious real estate agent should be using video marketing to promote their property. 

Virtual Staging & Item Removal

Homeowners, realtors, and agents understand the necessity to professionally stage their property for quick sales. Regardless of whether the home is vacant or occupied but in the market due to relocation or foreclosure, home staging has transformed into the ultimate tactic to guaranteeing a successful sale. 

However, staging your property the traditional way can prove to be very daunting and expensive at the same time. The cost of hiring a home staging expert plus the cost to rent the required home staging furniture and artwork for weeks or perhaps for months on end can be quite a burden. Luckily, technology has gifted us with a more cheaper and convenient home staging option; virtual staging. 

Virtual Home Staging involves taking photos of the various room in a house and using a software to inserts artwork, furniture, and furnishings in order to help the buyer visualize the interior spaces of a house with various furnishings. Staging attracts more potential buyers property and gets your property a new owner in no time.

All big names in the real estate marketing business use the above tactics to properly promote their property and outdo their competitors by attracting more buyers. What are you waiting for?