3D Virtual Tours, Next Technology Step For Marketing

Take an Example Matterport 3D Virtual Tour of what Virtual Lens Provides!

Virtual Tour Marketing Is Here

Virtual Lens is one of the few photography businesses pushing the envelope of marketing advancements! Providing the latest marketing techniques to commercial and residential property sales to agents from Brisbane to Gold Coast and anywhere in between! Latest Marketing Technique, being Virtual Tours, basically a 24/7 Online Open House!

Inside View

Walk around the 3D model as if you were physically there, look at every nok and crany!

Dollhouse View

Virtual Lens 3D camera utilizes, three infrared lenses, and six high quality camera sensors to capture 360 view of data. These nine lenses work together to scan and develop the 3D model as you see above. Allowing for online open houses 24/7, clearly perfect for Real Estate usage. Any property can be done, no matter the amount of levels!

VR & Device Viewability

3D Tours have been integrated into Virtual Reality (VR), placing the user in an immersive perspective of being there!

All products provided by Virtual Lens can be viewed on all major desktops, tablets, and smartphones!

Labels & Tag

Show Points of Interests to the user taking the tour. These tags have great diversity such as being able to play music, link to another website, extra pictures, video, and so on!

2D Photography

3D marketing is the future, however, there will always be a need for basic photography, with the 3D Tours, you can snap any angle that has been scanned. Allowing the user to still take pictures of the property without having to be at the property physically!

Floor Plans & Site plans

The state of the art sensors technology that Virtual Lens provides, that can scan an area with Dimensional Accuracy, as accurate as 99%. These Floor Plans are typically done within 24hours and at a much cheaper price compared to companies specialising in floorplans. You won’t find any Floorplans more accurate than what Virtual Lens provides within Brisbane to Gold Coast!

Matterport Service Provider

Virtual Lens is an Official Partner of Matterport, together providing Virtual Tours!

Matterport has kept a close eye on the quality of Virtual Lens completed work. After a few weeks of operation, Matterport has seen the consistency in quality from Virtual Lens 3d Virtual Tours and features that come along with the scan. From this, Matterport & Virtual Lens are both happy to officially announce the partnership.

With this partnership, both Virtual Lens & Matterport will be a the forefront marketing innovation, to further provide unique ways for your property listing to stand out from the competition with Virtual Lens Commercial and Residential Real Estate Services at the ready, servicing all areas of Brisbane, Gold Coast, and any suburb in between!

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