Professional Property Photography

You already know the importance and impact that a professional real estate & commercial photographer brings to your clientele’s property listing, you know it, & so does the top agents in your area. That is why you’re here, looking for a photographer to create and grab that all so important potential buyer within first seconds of seeing the first photo of the newly listed property for sale.

We here at Virtual Lens personally use various techniques depending on the property to bring the best possible photos, with the latest and greatest gear with ultra wide lens to make even the smallest rooms feel grand, the use of as many flashes as needed at different colour temperatures, the use of taking 6 to 9 images per final photo to later post-process and blend into one ultra-high dynamic range photo through use of Lightroom & Photoshop.

Professional Quality

Virtual Lens specialises in the premium real estate photography, providing whatever the client may need.


Next Day Delivery

Time is money, thus all images & products provided by Virtual Lens will be delivered the same day! (24hours)

Distance No Object

We will travel great distances for a shoot anywhere from Goldcoast to Sunshine coast & anything in-between.

Focus On Detail

Professional photographers focus on the details and will turn on any necessary lights, move bins, hoses, and so on.

Detail Photography Examples

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