Aerial & Drone Photography

The Advantage of Drone Photography

Commercial & Real Estate Drone Photography over the past few years has become one of the most iconic marketing techniques used by agents, and for good reason. With the unique perspective of drone marketing, it grabs the attention of potential client 4 times quicker than any other ordinary real estate photography.

Reaching a height of 120 metres, drone photography is able to show the location and surrounding attractions to the property for sale. These attractions include major shopping centres, beaches, parks, schools, and so on.

Virtual Lens provides drone photography to Brisbane, Gold Coast, and surrounding suburbs at a much cheaper rate than any other competitors with no drop in quality.
Also, who doesn’t love to see some drones fly, such a cool unique piece of technology

Certified Commercial Drone Usage with Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA)

Drones can be quite a dangerous piece of equipment. However in the hands of our experience certified CASA Pilots, to fly a drone with safety first and foremost, adhering to the CASA regulations & guidelines.

The drones being used by Virtual Lens,  also have various sensors all over the drone to stop in case of a drone being flown into an object. The onboard AI is smart enough to fly the drone back to its original position and fly safely all by itself with no human input.
If an unfortunate accident was to happen, Virtual Lens is fully insured by Commercial Drone Pilot Policy!

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