Professional Real Estate Videography

Example Videography Work

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What is included in a Professional Real Estate Video?

Drone & Standard Footage

Everyone loves drone footage because it looks awesome and unique, most photography love to charge a lot more for this drone footage ‘extra’. However, Virtual Lens includes this ‘extra’ for free. 

Intro & Outro

Want to introduce yourself and the property? Get some branding and reputation building? Why not personally be the front of your property listing video, and show off what marketing you do for your clients and willingness to put yourself out there!

Video Length

We aim to provide a video with a length between 1min to 2mins max. As anything longer potential buyers interest exponentially decreases after 2mins, unless you have a multi-million dollar property

Professional Music Included

No matter how good the video is, it is boring without some interesting music to go along with the theme & editing style of the video. Virtual Lens has a wide variety of music that is all Copyright Free!

Detailed and Advanced Editing

Half of the work is being on site and capturing the footage, the other half and more tedious side of the job is the editing. The editor is equally important as the videographer, editing is like learning a whole other language, where our in-house editor has spent countless hours professionally editing videos to a premium quality providing only the best for our clients.

Included Transition and Effects

Virtual Lens has personally built their very own transitions, effects, and motion graphics for Real Estate Videos, to instantly grab attention. Editing also includes other techniques to provide a cinematic video, these editing techniques include, Warp Stabiliser, Colour, Exposure, White Balance Adjustments, Time Ramping, Audio syncing, Audio Balancing, and that’s just some of the editing techniques that are included in every video!

Turnaround Within 48Hours

Virtual Lens has quick turnarounds for other products and services, and this is no different for Videography Service. We typically provide the video the next day, however in some cases, it’s in 48hours.

Got a Unique Idea for a Video?

We love unique ideas and highly encourage ideas for your listings, we will love to help out in providing a unique video and to provide our inputs if wanted. 

We will and have worked with animals such as horses and dogs, high-end cars, people (actors), kids, and anything else you want to help tell a story and bring charm to a property listing!

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